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When Was The Last Time You Had Your Eyes Checked?

Your ocular health is one of the most essential aspects of your everyday activities because your eyes gives the visual clarity for you to get your tasks done.

When you conduct a comprehensive eye exam which is the most important part of your ocular health evaluation. This exam includes glaucoma testing, a dilated retinal exam and more individualized diagnostic testing for our optometrist to be able to make a conclusive evaluation of the health of your eyes.

Our optometrists have been through the highest levels of optometry knowledge and training. They also have had wide experience in managing ocular diseases and conditions such as:

1) Diabetic eye disease

2) Dry eye disease

3) Eye allergies

4) Glaucoma

5) Hypertensive eye disease

6) Corneal dystrophies and degenerations

7) Macular Degeneration

8) Plaquenil and high risk medication screenings

9) Cataracts

We also take care of your children through pediatric exams and we also do low vision examinations and laser vision correction if you don’t want to wear eyeglasses. For urgent cases, we also do emergency eye care.

After the eye exams, we will explain to you in detail the actual health of your eyes. If in case we discover eye conditions or diseases that you may have, you will be made fully aware of the steps you have to do to be able to completely recover your ocular health and the lifestyle changes you have to make.

We will also propose to you the available diagnostic exam procedures, findings, medication and treatments that will be at your disposal for your ocular health maintenance or recovery. We also have available for you the latest eyewear that reliably equips you with your visual clarity needs. Both our frames and lenses are ever changing and evolving to adapt to the latest trends and your ever changing lifestyle requirements.

The Meadows Family Eyecare instills though our optometrists and staff this noble mission to provide our clients and patients with the highest level of quality ocular care experience. We aim to protect and enhance visual health and at the same time promote ocular and systemic health by encouraging patients to commit to regular ocular check ups.

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