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Key Advice For A Healthy Spine

Back pain is unfortunately one of the most common and complicated ailments anybody can experience. Our backs are right in the middle of any mechanical process our bodies can perform, and you’ll notice the impact of these pains whether you are exercising, sitting, or even resting at night. To make matters more complex back pains are some of the most common health problems Americans experience, with over 65 million Americans experiencing recent back pains and 16 million of them experiencing chronic back pain.

That’s why today we wanted to take a look at the delicate topic of spine health to offer some key advice that can help you prevent or control these pains. As with any other medical condition prevention and professional assistance are recommended, but this information can nonetheless prove to be useful in your day-to-day life.

Prevention and care

Prevention is without a doubt the single most important step to take care of our health, and this of course applies to our spine health as well. However, it is important to understand what practices are healthy or not to take better care of our backs.

One of the most important things we can do is to make sure we don’t overexert ourselves. Don’t raise heavy objects beyond your capacity, and never lift them from the floor from your back. Always remember to bend your knees and use the strength of your legs to raise any object you need to raise from the floor and carry around.

Your sitting position is also an important aspect of spine health prevention, but not necessarily in the way, you might expect. Proper sitting goes beyond just making sure you sit straight and the most important thing to understand is that your back isn’t meant to stay in a single position for too long. The best position for your back is always the next position you take, so make sure you take breaks and change your position every 30 minutes or so.

Surgical alternatives

If you have already developed back pains then you need to contact a professional and get proper check-ups to define what’s causing your current ailment. That said reaching this point does not mean that there isn’t a solution, and nowadays there are countless treatments that can help with recurring back pains.

Anti-Inflammatory injections are a useful way to get rid of existing swelling and improve your spine health, and most of them are applied on a muscular level so there’s no surgery involved. Regenerative therapy has also made great strides thanks to the integration of stem cells. And even if you do need a direct surgery, cervical disc replacement is a very efficient procedure that restores all mobility to your back while also getting rid of the pain.