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5 tips to choose the best domestic violence lawyer

omestic violence is a pretty severe charge. When facing such a case, choosing a specialized domestic violence lawyer is best to help you out.

But how to do so?

Follow these five simple tips, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding the best domestic violence lawyer in your city.

1. Previous experience:

When you’re enrolled in such a case, you need the best criminal defense you can find. No new lawyer will be able to offer you that. Always go with an experienced attorney.

In case you don’t know where to start, simply search for the best domestic violence lawyer Los Angeles or followed by the city name in which you live. That will provide you with websites of lawyers. Check the websites to know more about the experience of the lawyers.

2. Communication:

You might have to communicate with a lawyer repeatedly when hiring a lawyer. Only when the lawyer is attentive to your queries and replies promptly and is easy to reach out to should you shortlist that lawyer.

If you have to wait weeks for an appointment or to get a reply, the lawyer is probably too busy to handle your case.

3. Check google reviews:

Fortunately, using Google reviews, you can know firsthand about other individuals’ experiences with the lawyer.

Simply search for the lawyer’s name on Google or the website, and you can view the reviews.

Spend a couple of hours going through those reviews to learn more about the lawyer or the law firm.

Of course, not 100% of the reviews will be positive, but still going through the reviews will let you know which lawyer is worth hiring.

4. Strategic advice:

Not every domestic violence case is the same. Most lawyers will provide you with a free or discounted first consultation. Opt for this consultation and speak about your case with the lawyer and gain an idea regarding the strategy which he/she is recommending.

Not every lawyer will recommend the same strategy even for the same case. A good idea would be to go for the free first consultation with the shortlisted lawyers and choose the one whose strategy you find to be the best.


Remember to evaluate the strategy as a layman and not as a professional legal adviser. That is why; I always seek advice when evaluating the strategy.

5. Discuss the fees in advance:

Getting the best criminal defense can be expensive. Rather than experiencing a rude shock when the legal fee bill finally arrives, speak with the lawyer in advance regarding the fees they will charge you. Of course, you must also consider the fees when choosing the best domestic violence lawyer.

Thus, finding the best domestic violence lawyer Los Angeles or in any other city for that matter, is not that difficult once you follow the five tips above.