On Kink

On Submission, Strong Women & the High Alpha Male: My response to the assertion that women are biologically pre-disposed towards submission, just as dominance is the right of men.

Woman in Repose: On psychological recovery, and why I am a dominant but not a Domme.

On Filth: In praise of sexual filth, whatever you subjectively feel it to be.

Inked: On how the impermanence of meaning in permanent ink.

On Corsets: On the empowering aspects of a garment once widely considered to oppress women.

I’ve Got What You Want: On dominance and the intricacies of power dynamics.

Talking Dirty: On the incredible pleasure of a filthy mouth.

Deviant Acts: On those things that you like that you think no one else does, and why it’s all right to want them.

On Prowess: A favorite. On the sexual appeal of prowess and capability, with nods towards non-monogamy and partner-sharing.

The Slap, or The Intimacy of Violence: On why violence can create its own highly charged sense of intimacy.

On Watchers & Watching: On voyeurism and exhibitionism, and the inter-related joy of both.

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