Flash Fiction

This is not a complete listing of the flash pieces that have appeared on this site. Some have been pulled for submission / publication elsewhere. They will be rotated back in as appropriate. 

Dark & Deep (f / masturbation / memory)

Spar (m/f, rough sex)

Auction Sale of Clothes (f/f, voyeurism, exhibitionism, orgasm denial)

Statue (humor, fetish)

Cut (m/f, light D/s, knife play, blood, cutting)

La Belle Dame (m/f, D/s, knife play)

A Letter (sharing fantasies)

Mind the Gap (masturbation, trains, voyeurism)

Drinks with Friends (threesome, m/m/f)

Bel, Cal and a Girl Named Claire (threesome, m/f/f, voyeurism, exhibitionism)

Should You Stay or Should You Go  (Originally published in Bust, Nov. 2015 – print edition)

Fairytale of New York (f/f, kiss, romance)

The Holly and the Ivy (m/f, oral, historical)

2000 Miles (f, masturbation, Christmas / Tudor)

Lonely Things (m/f, rough sex)

Good Morning (m, masturbation, dream)

An Intense, Slightly Porny Blowjob (m/f, oral, public sex)

Motion Capture (m/f, voyeurism, edging, D/s). Out on Submission.

Coming Pretty (m/f, identity, self-image)

Drive (f, masturbation)

Jack Rose and the Old Fashioned Girl (m/f, vintage, fetish, kiss)

Packing Light (m/f, oral, humor)


  1. I can’t wait to leisurely read through these, Malin. I love the flash form ; there is so much to play with. I’ve just written an article on the craft of Flash fiction, soon to be published, and I’ve listed your site for further reading at the end.

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