Personal Essays

On Secret Identities: On the natural integration of my two halves due, in large part, to my secondary identity. Pulled from site for publication in the Eroticon 2017 Anthology for Resonance Press.

On Seeing Yourself: On what an image can tell you about yourself.

Muscle Memory: On running, dancing and the things your body remembers, even when you don’t.

This is What I Mean When I Say I Love You: On what I love you means to me and how the feelings behind it are bigger and more complicated than “three little words” implies.

First Loves & Pretty Relics: On the years between 18 and 38.

In the Bleak Midwinter: On love and the tension of opposites in a cold internal landscape.

The FuckIt Post: On my favorite philosophy in life.

On Breaking Down: On psychological and emotional breakdowns, and the uncomfortable luck role plays in recovery.

Small Breasts: On my struggles with idealized feminine beauty and my own body image.

Hollow Places: On the completely personal and entirely subjective sexiness of certain films, and how they reflect our subtle and intricate desires.

In Praise of Quiet: On introversion and the occasional need for quiet.

Inked: On how the impermanence of meaning in permanent ink.

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