A Few Thoughts

1. There’s a great deal of difference between what people fantasize about, and what people do. It’s up to each individual to determine his or her own boundaries. Fantasy is a safe way to explore those boundaries, while maintaining one foot in real life.

2. In real life, consent is critical. In fiction, the line can be blurred. If a situation arises in a story or essay that puts consent into question, it’s because I am exploring the boundaries of consent. Not because I romanticize or condone sexual violence. Believe me. I don’t.

3. The content on this site varies from the conventional to the less conventional. I trust in the reader’s good judgment – if you find a piece to be uncomfortable or triggering, stop reading. It will be here if you decide to come back to it later.

4. I’m not interested in prescribing my views for anyone else. The essays I write for this site are reflections of my thoughts and experiences, not ideological tracts. That said, I love discussion. Please feel free to express your thoughts (whether you agree or disagree) in the comment sections of each post. Just do so with respect.

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