Sinful Sunday: My Hands

My hands aren’t beautiful. They’re smaller, female versions of my dad’s massive paws – strong and wide, not elegant and long. But that’s why I love them. They’re good and reliable. They’re sensitive and brave. They express things I don’t have words for. I love the way they touch. They aren’t pretty but I trust them and that means a lot.

And following on the theme of Favorites, this photo was taken while I was thinking about one of my favorite things…. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what that is. (For I am a kind and gentle, heartless tease).

Picture of Malin James's hand for Hand post Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday


  1. “They express things I don’t have words for”
    Beautiful and moving somehow. Hands are so intimate aren’t they x

    1. Thank you, Tabitha. They are incredibly intimate. That’s one of the reasons the portrait you did floored me – I recognized my hands in your drawing. That meant (and means) a lot to me. xx

  2. I really like how relaxed this is – like someone happened to take a photo of you while you were casually touching your torso. It’s lovely.

  3. Seems like hands are a recurring theme this week. I find men’s hands to be very sexy but I also find all hands fascinating, there is something about them that is intriguing and yet expressive


  4. I don’t like how my hands look. I don’t look after them properly and bad circulation gives them a bizarre range of colours and looks but I love how I can use them. How they touch, how they feel and what pleasure can be gained from them.

    1. That’s my feeling too. My mom has *beautiful* hands and for a long time, I wish I’d inherited them from her. Now, I’m happy my hands are the way they are, exactly because of the love and pleasure they can communicate and feel.

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