Erotic Fiction: Coming Pretty

"Lying Nude" by Egon Schiele, (1911).

“Lying Nude” by Egon Schiele, (1911).

I want to come pretty, she thinks.

She likes being polished. It’s comfortable and safe. But the climax that bows and contorts her body is a tangled, jagged thing. It lingers and lashes and loosens her. It pulls at her veneer.

Her hips jerk. She bites her lip, and sucks the wound. Oddly, she often comes pretty – controlled, obedient orgasms with lovely, feather-light sighs. The sighs are sexy. Beautiful. Hot. But never pornographic. No. Never that. She has a fear of sounding porny. She’s not the porny type….

She sounds porny as hell with him.

I want to come pretty, I want to come pretty.

She doesn’t come pretty. Not close. She comes as she did the first three (or four) times – messy and out of control. It’s terrible. Scary. Contorted and ugly. Her lip’s bleeding. She’s four orgasms in. But something inside her is shifting. She’s starting not to care. Incredible, she thinks. She never doesn’t care.

She shudders. He makes her want too much. His fingers find her hips. She lives balanced on a needle, straining, resisting. She can’t afford to fall. She is charming and lovely, delightful and sweet in restaurants and bars. But in the warm half light of the small, quiet room, she is a thing that needs to be fucked.

She rises up above him, temporarily distilled. She’s become her body’s response. Jerking hips. Grinding thighs. Slick, plump, cunt. Her muttered curses sound scripted. Porny. Awful. But they are real. Honest and un-pretty. Raw and authentically her.

His tongue and teeth push impulses up through layers of ego and skin. She feels giddy and young, in thrall to herself. She would love to give him orgasms that show her at her lovely best, but the weight of his pleasure cracks her veneer. He will always get her instead.

Coming pretty is not enough.


    1. Thank you so much. That’s the best compliment I could have hoped for with this piece. It’s a hard thing to talk truthfully about – fiction seemed like the most honest way, in this case.

  1. I love the jolt I get in my chest from reading something dynamic and real. Like an idea is so potent to my mind that I can physically feel it.

    Thanks for once again writing something that gives me that feeling. There’s just something about the angle you come at erotica from that I relate to.

    1. I love getting the jolt that you mentioned when I read something, and I try to get at that feeling, that sort of universal experience that gives it to me, when I write, so thank you. Very seriously, your comment means a lot.

  2. You had to go and feature one of my favorite painters with erotica from one of my favorite writers, didn’t you?

    Now I’m obsessed with the idea of a big glossy art book full of beautiful painting and erotic vignettes.

    1. Oh, now *that* is a brilliant idea – an art book that includes erotic vignettes.. I wonder how you’d go about doing that. I’d love to see an anthology structured that way. Now, you’ve got my brain going on overdrive. And on a totally different note, I love Schiele too – one of my favorites. He’s wonderful.

        1. It would be. I’d love to see who was attracted to what art and the stories that came out of it.. Actually, would you ever want to do something like that a smaller scale? We could each pick a painting and write, say, a short flash piece inspired by it. No pressure, by the way – just thought it might be kind of fun 🙂

  3. Hard to add any other kudos to what was already said…
    It captures a lot, with few words. Every word has purpose, removing any and the finely spun gossamer of the story frays. It is so abstract that every reader will experience the feelings similarly, but will see the scene very differently in their mind’s eye.

    It was beautifully raw and very ‘pretty’, even if the protagonist didn’t think so, when she still cared that is.

    Bravo, again!

  4. ” I want to come pretty, I want to come pretty”…. I have felt this way. The way you describe in your writing is not fiction to me. You captured it using a rawness to match the painting. You expressed what she cannot say. It opens our eyes to accept a new, different beauty through primal eyes. How wonderfully used and beautiful she can be seen. Thank you.

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