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Woman ReadingI love being read to. I always have. When the weather turns cold, I love it even more. There’s something wonderful about being tucked in bed listening to the rain patter against the windows while your partner reads to you. Doesn’t matter what from, (though, of course, erotica is an excellent choice for such occasions). But really, it could be anything…except maybe a biology textbook.

My love of being read to segues naturally into a love of reading to other people. I’m just as happy being the one with the book in my hand as I am listening to the words drop into the chilly room.

I wrote both of these stories for contests run by Exhibit A, and both were inspired by photographs taken by the absolutely lovely Happy Come Lucky. They’re also both quite short. I’m not going to lie – that’s the main reason I chose to record those two in particular. My vocal cords aren’t up to professional scratch, so short and sweet seemed the way to go the first time out.

If you want to read along with either “The Second Letter” or “Drive”, you can find them in the drop down menu under Erotica. I’ll also embed the recording for each story on its respective page. In the meantime, get a cup of tea, or whatever suits your mood, curl up and relax. I want to read to you.. xx.M





  1. So fabulous, Malin – your words and your voice combine to be so damn hot!

  2. Oh, Malin! Nicely done, darlin’! So happy to welcome you to the aural club. What an accomplishment. To write the words and then read them… whew! Nothing like it. Congratulations. I know it is a nerve-racking and exciting, all-in-one tingly ball of happiness and terror. I do hope to hear more from you 😉

    • Thank you, Rose! Coming from the president of the aural club, that means a lot! It was definitely fun, but kind of terrifying too! Reminded me of a performing a monologue I’d written when I was in actor’s conservatory. Never had I ever been such a wreck, and it was just because I’d written the damn thing! It is a little addictive though. I suspect I’ll continue to play with it as I go. I love audio erotica. And in the meantime, thank god for the KMQ so I can get my aural fix!

  3. Malin, I loved hearing your sweet, sultry voice reading your own words, especially in ‘Drive’ where you were clearly enjoying yourself, with emotion and maybe a bit of a lilt of accent to your voice? I swear I heard the Tilly I had imagined when reading this story before. Between you and Jade and Rose, I’m going to have to start carrying earphones with me all the time!

    • Thank you, Lace! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I love that you heard the Tilly you imagined! I fell into a bit of a southern speech pattern as I was reading Drive, which might be what you heard. Funny since I’m a California girl, born and raised. I did a fair bit of Tennessee Williams when I was acting 😉 It was definitely not as easy as talented narrators like Rose make it sound, but it really was a lot of fun.

      • Yes, a very slight Southern accent is what I heard, and it made me perk up, because that’s what I meant. I imagined Tilly for some reason as a southern girl, and when you read her that way, not overtly but with just that hint, it was almost like a validation.

  4. Oh, Malin! It’s taken me days to get back on here with time to comment, but these are just fantastic! Your acting skill is evident, and your voice so smooth and controlled. I loved every second of both of these—they were already hot stories, and now, narrated, they’re even sexier. More to come, please! XX

    • Thanks, darlin! The exact same goes for the recordings you did! It’s awfully fun to play with – but man, what a vocal work out! My voice used to be in way better shape. Still, it’s kind of fun being sexy at your computer screen 🙂

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