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It Girl Rag DollSometimes I get to do really cool, unexpected things. Most the time, these things are fairly small, like having lovely, frank conversations about sex or writing or life. But every once in a while, the thing is bigger, like having a lovely, frank conversation about sex, writing and life on a freaking fantastic podcast. This was the case three weeks ago when I sat down to Skype with the lovely Harper Eliot and her amazing partner in crime, Molly Moore, of Molly’s Daily Kiss, for the (It Girl. Rag Doll) podcast.

By way of a small confession, talking about myself for any great length of time isn’t easy. I’m a writer who depends heavily on revisions and edits – speaking off the cuff has never been one of my great strengths. I’m a natural listener / question asker so, while I was thrilled and honored to be asked on the show, I was also a bit nervous. That said, I shouldn’t have been. Molly and Harper made it so painless and easy that, when the hour was up, I wanted nothing more than to climb through my computer screen and continue the conversation with them.

Click HERE to have a listen.

We talked about everything from writing and words, (please don’t call a lady’s cunt her “va-jay-jay”), to kink and non-monogamy. Even better, I left the experience full of ideas and thoughts, one of the biggest indicators, for me, of a wonderful conversation. In fact, I have no doubt that at least two follow-on posts are going to result from that conversation.

Sadly, the IRGD podcast is winding down and will finish at the end of the year. Luckily, Molly Moore will be striking out with a podcast of her own starting in 2015, and there will still be an archive of excellence to listen to at the IRGD website. Click on over to have a listen to episodes on transgression, flashers and peeping Toms, fucking sculptures and much, much more. While you’re there, check out their newest episode, in which I get to talk to these two excellent, intelligent women.


  1. Malin, I finally had the time to listen to the whole thing, and what a delight! I know you write above about not being comfortable talking off the cuff, without the opportunity for revisions and edits, but you handle it with ease and aplomb, like a natural. As you say, having good hosts who make you comfortable no doubt helps a lot, but still, I loved the “sitting around the coffee table chatting” feel of the whole conversation, and I feel that I know you a bit better as a person now.

    I loved the Pillow Talk origin story. I was listening to an NPR story (it might have been Planet Money, but I’m not sure now) several weeks ago about “founding myths.” They were specifically referring to the “high tech business started in a garage” meme that lies behind Apple and HP and so many other earlier Silicon Valley companies, and how since then newer high-tech firms that have made good (i.e., Google, etc) are building their own origin stories to capture that “mythic” air (though they aren’t always completely based on the truth). Anyway, listening to you talk about your early conversations with Jade and Tamsin reminded me of these founders stories.

    And yes! Write that novel!

    Finally, I have just this to say. Poor James Malin. He may never know what hit him. 😉


    • Oh, Lace! That is the loveliest comment you could possibly have made! Thank you! I’m really happy you liked the interview – it’s the first time I’ve done one more than 5 minutes long. It’s entirely due to Molly and Harper putting me so at ease. They are lovely. I listen to podcasts now for the same reason that I have NPR pre-set on every radio on in the house. I love listening to people talk about *things*. Doesn’t really matter what – could be economics and foreign policy or long distance relationships and oral sex. It makes me happy to listen to people share ideas and information. Based on what you said above, and your comment about Tavis Smiley on my other blog, I suspect we have that in common. I hope you and I have a chance to sit down and have a proper, in-person conversation one day 🙂 xx.M

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