A Poetic Portrait of An Unknown Woman

Reclining Nude from the Back. Modigliani, 1917.

Reclining Nude from the Back. Modigliani, 1917.

I Am….

I am not what you thought I was.

I am not a breast,

a mouth,

a tongue.

I am the sigh that answers your


your fingertips,

your bruising touch.

I am a yielding, arching spine.

I am my body’s response to your salt and your skin.

That is what I am

for now.


  1. God, I love this poem, Malin. So simple and so beautiful! xxx

    • Thank you, thank you, Tamsin! Your wonderful challenge is the only reason it got written, (well, finished, actually – I wrote half of it for a short story but never intended to revisit and finish it!). You just made my morning. Plus, you’re the first person to comment on my new site, which makes me really happy 🙂 xxx

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